Thoughts after ‘wrapping’ principle photography on our new television series, SMALL MIRACLES.

“And….Action!” Words I never thought would come from my mouth again after I turned my back on Hollywood more than 10 years ago. I’d spent twenty years in that ‘Business’ and I was cooked. Fried. More roadkill on the Media Highway. I’d had much success and ample heartbreak. I ate and schmoozed my way from Bob’s Big Boy to the ‘A’ tables at the Beverly Hills Grill. I went from ‘Renegade’ New York City filmmaker to smoking big fat Cuban cigars with Arnold Schwartzenegger and entourage at the ‘Havana Room’. I saw my scripts and movies turned to unrecognizable mush by the Machine, but kept collecting the pay days. I was away from my family constantly, seeking that illusionary ‘Holy Grail’ that says Power and Money will set you free. And with all this, I had a hole inside me, growing larger and larger. A Black Hole that is inconsolable, seemingly impossible to fill, infinite, dark, and lonely. A Hole that sucked me into it’s horribly bleak confines and took me into a deep deep place, just steps away from Oblivion.

This is all true. But the details of this time, and the Miracles that had to occur so I not only survived this Journey, but somehow flourished and let G-d and my Spiritual Path fill that hole, are meant to tell at another time. So we will ‘CUT TO’ ten years later. Years spent working with young people, learning Torah, being granted the right to be called ‘Rabbi Moshe Mones’, opening a beautiful, small, synagogue, getting a serious physical illness (piece of cake compared to the ‘Black Hole’), and the year became 2012. The year I met my phenomenal partner and human being, Darren Schwartz, and the year that our feature film DOVID MEYER was birthed, as well as the seeds to our new show SMALL MIRACLES. And for sure, all that I’ll be telling you is indeed, miraculous.