"SMALL MIRACLES" Cinematographer Adrian Correia speaks about his process of filming the series using the innovative and unique BriteShot LED lights.Founded in 2009 by Peter Ticktin, Roy McDonald and Irene Conrad, BriteShot(r) began the 3 year research and development process to bring its first product, The Luminator(r), to market. Ever since, BriteShot(r) has been hard at work with a customer-minded focus; developing products and patented technologies that provide you unlimited creative possibilities while saving you and your production money.

These lights came in handy during the difficult task of filming 4 episodes during a 15 day shooting schedule. The BriteShot lights were very affective in creating special effects lighting like strobe, lightning strikes, fire effects, and color shifts. They were also versatile enough to be used as Key Lights for Actors without changing out heads which enabled Adrian's team to save time during the process of lighting each scene.

To learn more about BriteShot visit their website www.briteshot.com

Photo of The Lighting Design of Small Miracles

Small Miracles

The Lighting Design of Small Miracles

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