Do You Believe in Miracles?Witness the touching story of Desiree, a young girl who loses her father, only to discover the secret to speak with him again.

EPISODE 1: Mermaids

SMALL MIRACLES episode 1 "Mermaids" follows a young girl named Desiree who is living in modern day California. Desiree is the apple of her Daddy's eye. She would always do everything with her Dad: fishing, horseback riding. Anytime young Desiree was in the company of her Father, she was the happiest girl on Earth. Then one day Desiree's father became very ill and, tragically, it didn't take long for his illness to grow….and eventually take his life. Desiree's father, the apple of her eye, her best friend….now gone.

As you would expect, Desiree took the passing of her Father very hard. It was up to her Mother and Grandmother to be emotionally supportive towards Desiree during this difficult time. They tried everything, but nothing could console their precious girl. Then one day, her grandmother is hit by an inspiration. She tells Desiree of a very secret way that she can communicate with her Father. What happens is way beyond anything her Grandmother, Desiree, or anyone could possibly imagine. But it did. As told at the Inn of Small Miracles.

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