The Wall

A story about a young man's rebellious run across the globe only to find what he has had his entire life: a connection to his Father.

Episode 3 - "THE WALL"

In 1972 Cleveland Ohio, rebellious 20-something Alex Metzger runs away from home to travel to India and get away from his Father's strong religious values. While in India Alex hears news that motivates him to travel to Jerusalem and open up another part of himself. What he finds there will change the course of his life and ultimately reconnect him with his Father.

Alex Metzger is played by the talented Gianmarco Soresi, a gifted, versatile performer who anchors the heart of this story. His father, Benjamin Metzger, is played by stage and screen veteran Stuart Zagnit. The cast rounds out beautifully with performances by Turna Mete, Jennifer Jiles, Ryan Deluca, and Samrat Chakrabarti.

Movie Posters

Behind The Scenes

Scene Sketches

  • Ashram - India Scene Sketch
  • 70s Bedroom Scene Sketch

Additional Behind The Scenes Materials

The Wall Phaze 1 Floor Plan
The Wall Phaze 2 Floor Plan

The Cast

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